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PA TV praises Arab athletes for withdrawing rather than compete against Israelis

Official PA TV News


Official PA TV newsreader: “Most of the Arab athletes are continuing to withdraw from the various international competitions when the raffle has them compete against any Israeli athlete. Therefore, recently a Lebanese athlete named Abdallah Meniato announced his withdrawal from the [International Mixed Martial Arts Federation’s Youth] Mixed Martial Arts World Championship, after the raffle placed him against an Israeli athlete in the championship that is taking place in Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria.”


Official PA TV reporter: “They refused the goal medals and the spotlights, and chose to stand with the Palestinian cause – Arab athletes who are continuing the series of boycotting matches with Israeli athletes, whose roots began in 1991, the latest of which was the direct withdrawal of fighter Abdallah Meniato together with his coach Muhammad Al-Gharbi after the raffle placed him in competition with an Israeli fighter, as he refuses to recognize Israel or conduct any form of normalization.


In recent days we have also been witness to the withdrawal of judoka and African champion Algerian Fethi Nourine from the Olympics that are currently being held in Tokyo, the capital of Japan, in order to avoid competing against Israeli [judoka] Tohar Butbul. Sudanese judoka Mohamed Abdalrasool did the same thing… The boycott by professional Arab athletes and players against competitions with Israelis in more than one championship reflects the situation of the Arab popular rejection in practice of normalization in all its forms.”