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Coronavirus reached the PA from “the occupied part of Palestine” – i.e., Israel – says PA TV

Official PA TV program Corona - Measures and Prevention


Member of the PA National Council for Epidemics Dr. Ali Sabateen: “Regarding the [Coronavirus] Delta variant and the other variants… their arrival in Palestine is a matter of time… like the arrival of the virus itself, which began in one city in China and from there arrived throughout the world, including Palestine. Afterwards the variants arrived through the border with the occupied part of Palestine, in the Interior (i.e., Palestinian term for Israel), and the variants arrived… Since the borders are open to a certain extent, and the entry of sick people through the borders is possible, the arrival of the variants in Palestine was expected… It is known that the Delta [variant] spreads quickly… and the rate of infection with the Delta [variant] will be greater than any other variant in a short period, as happened in Britain and as happened in the occupied Interior.”