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PA Minister calls released prisoners “the pinnacle of giving” at rally celebrating their return

"The Fatah National Liberation Movement… held a rally in Dir Balut honoring the prisoners of the Salfit district, attended by the Minister for Prisoners' Affairs, Issa Karake… To the strains of national songs, the residents of Dir Balut welcomed the district's released prisoners who participated in the rally: Tawfiq Abdallah, Othman Musleh Abu Al-Naji, Abd Al-Latif Shuqeir, Mustafa Qar'ush, Fahim Ramadan Sarhan, Raed Hassan and Imad Shahin… The Minister of Prisoners' Affairs expressed our people's pride in these heroes and said: 'They are the pinnacle of giving, and it is they who have breathed this spirit into us. Thank you, for having returned to us in order to tell us that freedom is not impossible, and these sacrifices will not be in vain. Thank you, for having defeated Israel, which believed that the prisons would be forever."

Note: Hundreds of the released prisoners were convicted on charges of murder and terror offenses.
Abd Al-Latif Shuqeir – involved in the kidnapping and murder of Israeli soldier Akiva Shealtiel in 1995. Also involved in placing a bomb in a Tel Aviv cinema, and shooting at an Israeli bus.
Othman Musleh Abu Naji - was serving a life sentence for placing a bomb and throwing a grenade in 1982.
Tawfiq Abdallah, Mustafa Qar'ush and Fahim Ramadan Sarhan were each given a life sentence. The names Raed Hassan and Imad Shahin didn't appear on the list of prisoners released in the Shalit exchange deal.

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