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Turning history on its head: Israel is destroying and looting “Palestinian” archaeological sites to “change their Palestinian narrative,” says PA TV

Official PA TV News


Official PA TV reporter: “The archaeological sites in the Salfit district are being subjected to destruction and looting by the occupation, as part of its systematic plans that are meant to harm the Palestinian civilizational presence, history, and heritage. There are more than 140 sites representing different historical periods and spread throughout the district that the greedy occupation aspires to take control of…


A number of sites are annexed by the occupation and become tourist sites for the settlers to connect their history to the history of the archaeological sites, which they take control of by force and change their Palestinian narrative


The actions to harm the historical archaeological sites during consecutive years of occupation constitute a basic part of the [occupation’s] comprehensive war against the Palestinian people, in an attempt to harm the Palestinian cultural identity and hide the civilization and its significant sites.”