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PA daily: Balfour Declaration was part of plan to free England and Europe of "the burden of the Jewish problem"

The 1917 Balfour Declaration was a letter from the British Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour to Lord Rothschild of the Zionist movement, which expressed Britain's support for "the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people." Every year on the anniversary of the Balfour Declaration, Palestinian Authority leaders and official media issue harsh statements attacking it. 
"The President of the United States of America, Barack Obama, expressed the hope of seeing Palestine as a state in the UN, on Sept. 21, 2011, and we believed him... It has been said of the Balfour promise [Balfour Declaration, 1917] that it was a promise by someone who had no ownership [of the land] to those who had no right [to it]. We said of Obama's promise that it was a promise by someone who is unable, to those whose right [to the land] it is already. Balfour's promise to the Jews of Europe - a homeland in Palestine - was a preventive step, because in his letter he sketched a road map for freeing his country and Europe of the burden of the Jewish problem, and of the bases for the spread of Communism in western Europe, which was led by the poor, the European workers, and the Jews... The Jews of the Zionist enterprise sought a promise from Balfour, who had the ability, because they knew that only the strongest power in the world at the time [Britain] could impose the conditions for the establishment of a state for the Jews. His promise was an ominous sign, [bringing] disasters upon the Palestinians, the Arabs, and the nations of the region and the world."
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