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PA PM hypocritically claims Israel tried to “politicize” ICC discussions on investigating it, after PA pressured ICC to launch politicized investigation

Official PA TV News


Official PA TV newsreader: “[PA] Prime Minister Muhammad Shtayyeh welcomed the International Criminal Court’s (ICC) decision that was made by a majority of its members and confirmed the ICC’s jurisdiction in the Palestinian territories that have been occupied since 1967, including the West Bank, Jerusalem, and the Gaza Strip, and that Palestine is a Rome Convention member state. Shtayyeh considered the decision as a victory for justice, humaneness, the values of honesty and freedom, and as justice for the blood of the victims and their families… The prime minister said that the decision is a message to those committing the crimes that their crimes will have no statute of limitations, and that they will not escape punishment. He noted that this is a victory for the ICC itself, which thwarted Israel’s attempts to politicize [the ICC’s] discussions.”