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PA sends a letter to Biden administration saying Hamas is committed to the “1967 borders”

Headline: “Amad exclusively publishes the first letter from the PA to the American administration on the elections”


“Through its negotiations manager [Fatah Central Committee member] Hussein Al-Sheikh, the PA sent a first letter to manager of Palestinian-Israeli affairs [Deputy Assistant Secretary of State for Israeli-Palestinian Affairs] in the American State Department Hady Amr on the [upcoming PA Parliament] elections and the commitments that were determined in the amendments to the basic law.”


The article includes a scan of the letter sent by the PA in English, in which the following is written:

“(All errors in source -Ed.) The follow sequencing present the latest commitments by all political factions (including Hamas) [parentheses in source] regarding election:

2. Commitment to a Palestinian State based on the boarders of 1967 and East Jerusalem as its capital.”



The authenticity of the letter was confirmed by sources in a report by the Israeli news website Kan on Feb. 21, 2021.


Hussein Al-Sheikh also serves as Head of Civil Affairs in the PA.

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