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Official PA Daily incites terror, calls to “develop all means of struggle” against “the entire capitalist west”

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for official PA daily and former advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs


Headline: “The integration of the hostile positions”


“The strong and brave speech of truth and basic national principles given by [PA] President Mahmoud Abbas before the UN General Assembly on Friday [Sept. 23, 2022] drew immediate, harsh responses full of bitterness and hostility from Israeli Representative at the UN Gilad Erdan…

He claimed in a false, lying, and slanderous manner that the speech was ‘full of lies and disconnected from reality.’ What is more, he also threatened President Abbas’ life when he said that ‘He has again proved that his time has already passed.’ …

What representative of the Israeli apartheid state Erdan and Spokesman of the Hamas coup Movement Fawzi Barhoum said (Barhoum criticized Abbas for not clearly distinguishing between terror and “legitimate resistance” -Ed.) reveals the coordination between them, as they are aiming at the same goal and the same project that contradicts the Palestinian people’s interests. This requires the people and its various sectors, and particularly the national action factions, to bear responsibility for restraining the aspirations of the dark coup movement and establishing a national popular lobby to pressure them to stop their fall into the Israeli swamp. This is in addition to escalating the popular resistance in order to respond to Erdan, Israel, Britain, America, and the entire capitalist West; defending the people, its unity, the cause, the national project, and the pluralist Palestinian political system; and developing all means of struggle (i.e., term used by Palestinians, which also refers to the use of violence and terror) in order to achieve Palestine’s independence, its state, and its freedom, the return of the Palestinian people based on UN Resolution No. 194 (see note below -Ed.), and the promise of full equality for the members of the [Palestinian] people in the Galilee, the Triangle, the Negev, and the [Jewish-Arab] mixed cities (i.e., all are areas in Israel).”


Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul is also a former PLO Central Council member.


"All means"


UN Resolution 194

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