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Fatah: Ramadan’s criticizing of Martyr Mothers are “irresponsible and… do not reflect the path of Fatah”

Text posted on the official Fatah Facebook page



Posted text: “The Fatah Movement announces the death of the Martyr from Nablus Alaa Al-Zaghal (i.e., killed while participating in violent confrontations against Israeli soldiers on Oct. 5, 2022), who ascended to Heaven while defending the land of the homeland. It said that the statements of Nablus District Governor [Ibrahim Ramadan] (i.e., he criticized the mothers of “Martyrs” as being “crazy” for sending their children to die) are irresponsible, and that they do not reflect the path of Fatah and our people under any circumstances.

Fatah demanded that the Palestinian leadership take immediate steps to defend the promise of the Martyrs and their self-sacrificing fighter mothers.

Fatah saluted the Martyrs’ mothers who lost their children and held on.”