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Family proudly celebrates young terrorist’s Martyrdom-death instead of his matriculation

Nan Jacques Zilberdik  |

The word Shahadain Arabic means both “martyrdom-death” and “certificate.” This dual meaning makes for a chilling play on words when Palestinian teens about to graduate and receive their matriculation certificate instead decide to become terrorists and get themselves killed – “achieve Martyrdom” in Palestinian terms - while attacking Israelis. 

When a 19-year-old Palestinian youth recently got killed while shooting at Israeli soldiers, his brother stressed that instead of celebrating his “matriculation certificate” (Shahada), the family celebrated his Martyrdom (Shahada), which made them feel proud: It “raised their heads as high as possible”:

Official PA TV host: “Great masses accompanied [the funeral of] Martyr Ahmed Daraghmeh (i.e., terrorist, shot at Israeli soldiers), 19 … who ascended [to Heaven] while being present in Jenin after occupation forces invaded it…” 

Brother of terrorist Ahmed Daraghmeh: “We wanted to celebrate his matriculation certificate (i.e., Shahada in Arabic), but he gave us a Martyrdom (i.e., also Shahada) that raised our heads up high, raised our heads as high as possible, Allah be praised… We wanted to celebrate [the matriculation certificate], but Allah be praised, we celebrated you. And here all the people and all the young people are around you. They want to celebrate you and accompany you [to your wedding] Allah be praised.” 

[Official PA TV, Palestine This Morning, Oct. 9, 2022] 

In fact, Palestinian Media Watch has exposed that the Palestinian Authority has openly stressed the value of Palestinian youth achieving the “Martydom-Shahada” as compared to the “matriculation certificate-Shahada.” Both the PA’s official daily and news agency have described “death as a Martyr” as being “the path to excellence and greatness” in comparison to achieving good matriculation exam results. 

Islamic tradition teaches that a Martyr marries 72 Virgins in Paradise and therefore the Martyr’s funeral is considered his wedding procession. 

Ahmed Daraghmeh and Mahmoud Al-Sous – Palestinian terrorists aged 19 and 18 respectively who attacked Israeli forces in Jenin on Oct. 8, 2022. Daraghmeh shot at the forces while Al-Sous threw explosives at them, and the soldiers shot and killed them in self-defense. The Israeli forces were in Jenin arresting Islamic Jihad terrorist Salah Abu Zeneh, 25, who was responsible for a recent shooting attack on Israeli soldiers, as well as three other wanted terrorists. One soldier was lightly wounded in the incident.