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Mother of dead 19-year-old terrorist “Martyr”: He told me he wanted to die as a Martyr

Mother of terrorist Khaled Anbar: “Praise Allah Master of the Universe, [my son Khaled] told me that he wants to die as a Martyr… He decided quickly and died quickly.”

[Official PA TV News, Oct. 3, 2022]


Salama Sharai'ah, Basel Basbous, and Khaled Anbar – Palestinian terrorists aged 19, 19, and 21 respectively who attempted to run over Israeli soldiers with a car in the Jalazone refugee camp north of Ramallah on Oct. 3, 2022. The soldiers shot the three in self-defense. Anbar was killed, and Basbous was also initially falsely reported as dead by the PA, which later admitted he was receiving medical treatment at an Israeli hospital. Sharai'ah's family then declared him dead, given reports that there were two killed.