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Father of terrorist son and “Martyr”: He aspired to liberate Palestine, he was not peace-loving

Official PA TV reporter: “All of the residents said unanimously that [Fayez Damdoum] (i.e., terrorist) was quiet and peace-loving.”

Father of terrorist Fayez Damdoum: “He was a man. He was 17, but it cannot be said that he was quiet. He was among the young people who aspire to liberate Palestine, yes. He was not calm in a way that you could say: ‘By Allah, [he’s] peace-loving,’ no.”

[Official PA TV News, Oct. 1, 2022]


Fayez Damdoum – 17-year-old Palestinian terrorist who attempted to throw Molotov cocktails at Israeli security forces during violent riots in Al-Eizariya, near Jerusalem, on Oct. 1, 2022. The forces shot and killed Damdoum in self-defense.