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Martyr’s sister encourages mother to rejoice over her son “becoming a Martyr” shortly before his wedding

Headline: “A conditional groom”




“In front of the threshold of her old home in Qalqilya sits the mother of Martyr Rabi Rabi (i.e., illegal infiltrator who, while driving together with other infiltrators, attempted to evade a security check at a checkpoint, causing Israeli soldiers to open fire), amid the sighs of the women who came to support her…

The mourning mother sheds tears of pain over her son, whom the occupation put an end to his life as part of its systematic policy of murdering without any consideration and in any situation…

His siblings had waited impatiently to rejoice at his celebration… and his little 18-year-old sister Narin,…who chose his bride for him, embraced her mother as the tears fell from her eyes. She tried to calm her, put her arm around her shoulders, looked at her with her two innocent eyes, and whispered in her ear: ‘Rabi is not dead, Rabi became a Martyr, and today Allah chose his wedding for him(i.e., Martyr's funeral is considered wedding to the 72 Virgins in Paradise in Islam), you need to rejoice.’