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Official PA Daily editorial praises terrorist murderer Uday Al-Tamimi

Excerpt of an editorial by the official PA daily


Headline: "Uday Al-Tamimi”


"This colony [Ma’ale Adumim] is like a fortress with guards with the most advanced weapons, but heroism does not care about that. In this case it was personified by none other than Uday Al-Tamimi (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1), who was determined to confront the occupation’s guards and soldiers without consideration for the balance of power… This was after he understood without a doubt that life with the occupation is impossible, and that death as a Martyr in an epic battle is a certain way to start life with freedom, glory, honor, and peace for Palestine and its residents, and even for its [Israeli] neighbors, if they return to the straight path and regain their composure, far from the delusions of racism…

Uday Al-Tamimi… only spoke there with actions, with what he represents and what he is affiliated with, and that is how heroes always are.We will not emphasize here his affiliation with Fatah, but rather his shining Palestinianess, with his national education and his ethics of struggle – and this is what pleases Palestine.