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Editor of PA daily hints that if Palestinian aid is cut, return to violence is justified

Editor of official PA daily Hafez Barghouti:
 "When the PA started building the state institutions, Arab aid was cut to its lowest level. When it submitted the request for membership to the UN, the Americans halted their aid, and when it [the PA] received membership in UNESCO, the Israelis stopped transferring money collected from taxes and duties. If we receive UN membership, Europe will halt all aid… Oh hungry one – if you go hungry, the entire land is fit for consumption. If your child is hungry, you can always eat the flesh of wolves, crows, and every criminal hangman. If the breasts of nursing mothers dry up, there is no choice but to suck blood from the vein. If your people is hungry because of the siege, there are no definitions of what is permissible and what is forbidden, since necessity renders the forbidden permissible: carcasses, blood, and the flesh of a fat pig. How many pigs there are, and how few gazelles."

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