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Tirawi has paid tribute to Uday Al-Tamimi and Muhammad Nouri: “the cost of our lives is insignificant”

Tawfiq Tirawi, Facebook  |

Images and text posted on the Facebook page of Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi



Posted text: “From Jerusalem the compass, the eternal capital, and the headline of every stage until Allah determines the end.

The hero from Shuafat [Uday Al-Tamimi] (i.e., terrorist, murdered 1) got down from his horse while charging forward and not fleeing, while recording the most incredible verses of sacrifice. Uday ascended to Heaven while believing in the message that there is no other, because the cost of liberating the homeland is blood, [the liberation] only passes through Jerusalem, and for its sake the cost of our lives is insignificant. Indeed, Beitunia will pledge loyalty to him as its son Muhammad [Nouri] (i.e., terrorist, participated in violent riots) will illuminate the path of the Martyrs who will come after him, when they set a meeting with victory, freedom, and liberation.

Out of the duty of condolences at the deaths as Martyrs of the heroes of Palestine

Heroic Martyr Uday Al-Tamimi

A son of the Shuafat [refugee] camp and all of Palestine

And heroic Martyr Muhammad Nouri

A son of Beitunia and all of Palestine

Mercy for the heroic Martyrs, a speedy recovery for our heroic wounded, and freedom for the prisoners of freedom”


The images show Fatah Central Committee member Tawfiq Tirawi paying condolence visits to the families of terrorists Uday Al-Tamimi and Muhammad Nouri.


Tawfiq Tirawi


Uday Al-Tamimi


Muhammad Nouri

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