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Father of dead terrorist celebrates his death: “‘We have nothing to give the homeland... other than this pure blood”

Headline: “Qusai Al-Tamimi died as a Martyr in his brother’s arms”




“Mahmoud, the father of Martyr [Qusai Al-Tamimi] (i.e., terrorist, died while participating in violent riots), said: ‘The occupation did not give my son [even a few] minutes. He stood together with a number of young people next to the entrance to the village [Nabi Saleh] in protest over the massacre that the occupation forces committed early in the morning in Nablus, and he was shot (sic., the rioters threw explosives at soldiers; the mention of Nablus refers to Israeli forces attacking a terrorist weapons laboratory).’ …


He continued: ‘We have nothing to give the homeland and the [Palestinian] cause other than this pure blood. My brother Bakr [Al-Tamimi] (PMW was unable to determine the circumstances of his death -Ed.) died as a Martyr in 1984 when I was 20, and today I am bidding farewell to my son, my offspring, when I am nearly 60. We are prepared to sacrifice that which is precious to us so that we will have an independent homeland.’


He added: ‘Qusai completed the matriculation exams last year [2021], and he worked for some time in a restaurant in Ramallah. He was beloved in the village, and he never aspired to have a car or to have a home, or to prepare himself for the future. He aspired to Martyrdom, and indeed he achieved it.’


Qusai Al-Tamimi – 19-year-old Palestinian terrorist who participated in violent riots in which explosives were thrown at Israeli soldiers in Nabi Saleh northwest of Ramallah on Oct. 25, 2022. The soldiers returned fire in self-defense, killing Al-Tamimi.