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Bir Zeit University Professor claims Israelis are foreigners to the land

PA TV program Good Morning Jerusalem on Palestinian membership in UNESCO and the history of Palestine with Dr. Jamal Amer of Bir Zeit University
"There is no occupation [in Palestine], rather, it's an exchange, whereby one culture is brought down in its entirety and replaced by immigrants from all over the world who don't know Hebrew, don't know Palestinian geography, don't belong to the Jewish religion, aren't familiar with the people's culture, and they humiliate the respected and mighty Palestinian people every day at the roadblocks…
The issue now is their focus on Al-Aqsa [Mosque], in order to break up the [concentrations of] people around it. Therefore, the first action they undertook was that Muslims from all over the world could not come to Al-Aqsa; that was the first thing. Thereafter the Palestinians inside Palestine (i.e., Israel) found themselves in a situation where they cannot come to Al-Aqsa. After that it was the residents of the West Bank, [just] a meter away – and that's [thanks to] the racist Nazi separation fence – who found themselves in a situation where they cannot enter Al-Aqsa… Now those who rule the country [Israel] are people… who are indecisive; they have no polity, they don't understand what a political cabinet is about, they don't understand diplomacy, they don't initiate. [Speaking of recent tensions between Israel and Germany:] They have broken off their connection with the most important lifeline in the world [for them]: and that is the blackmail which they employed against the Nazis in Germany, because of which they [Germany] are still paying them thousands of billions of dollars."