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Official PA TV idolize terrorist Fatima Barnawi as role model for women

Official PA TV News


Official PA TV newsreader: “[PA] President [Mahmoud Abbas] expressed sorrow over the death of great female fighter Fatima Barnawi (i.e., terrorist, placed bomb in movie theater), the first female prisoner of the modern Palestinian revolution, who ascended to her God today, Thursday [Nov. 3, 2022], in Egypt, at an age of over 83.”


Official PA TV reporter: “Fatima Barnawi is the first example of the Palestinian woman’s experience in the struggle with the occupier and prisoner guard. She is the first female Palestinian prisoner in the history of the modern Palestinian revolution. Today she passed away after a glorious history of struggle, at an age of over 83, in Egypt… She was a young woman at the start of her life when she was given the mission in 1967 to carry out an operation (i.e., terror attack) at Zion Cinema, and thus she was the first Palestinian woman who carried out a military operation after the occupation of Jerusalem. Following this the occupation forces arrested Fatima and she was sentenced to life… Barnawi is considered one of the first Palestinian women who engaged in armed self-sacrificing activity, and the first young woman in the history of the prisoners’ movement who succeeded in engraving her name in the list of eternity, and thus she became a national ideal and an inalienable asset for any woman thinking to enter the field of struggle and resistance against the longest occupation in history.


Fatima Barnawi - Palestinian female terrorist who placed a bomb in a movie theater in Jerusalem in 1967. The bomb failed to explode. She was sentenced to life in prison but was released in 1977 after serving 10 years. In 2015, PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas honored Barnawi with the Military Star of Honor.