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Palestinian columnist: There’s no such thing as a “Jewish people”

Excerpt of a column by Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul, regular columnist for official PA daily and former advisor to former PA Prime Minister Salam Fayyad on national affairs


Headline: “Netanyahu again broke through the barriers”


The colonialist Zionist project’s crisis is deeper and greater than all the figures and leaders, even if they have a part in deepening the general crisis…

The crisis’ foundation is connected… to the nature of the project’s composition as a functional pawn that is built on mythological, stupid, and fictitious foundations. These have rested on the religious message to mobilize and gather groups of mercenaries or members of various peoples in the world who were misled in order to establish the so-called ‘Jewish people’ (sic., genetic research has conclusively proven Jews share a common origin in Israel)…

[Former and recently re-elected Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu was not the cause of the crisis, but rather one of its expressions that constitute the greatest moral, ethical, and legal bankruptcy, in a state that defends one who accepts bribes and gives him immunity and the prime position in parliament, so that he will sit in the seat of the executive authority, will act corruptly to his heart’s desire, and together with his ilk in the extremist, ultra-Orthodox, and fascist right-wing will eliminate what remains of the foundations of the colonialist Zionist state. This is the natural end of the illegal state, which is comprised of ethnic mosaic stones that contradict each other and fight each other, and this is in addition to the struggle between rich and poor, westerners and easterners, secular and religious.”


Omar Hilmi Al-Ghoul is also a former PLO Central Council member.

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