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The Child-Martyrdom cult of the Palestinian Authority: PMW video report on PA child-Martyrdom indoctrination

Mother of “Martyr” Zaid Al-Qaysiya: My son is a sacrifice for the sake of the homeland... I’m proud of the sons of Palestine, the young people of Palestine... I’m prepared to sacrifice even more. I’m prepared to give more Martyrs for the homeland.


Fatah Movement Southern Hebron Branch Secretary Iyad Rayyan May Allah grant you more.


Mother of “Martyr” Zaid Al-Qaysiya: Praise Allah. It’s not a waste. My son’s blood is not a waste for the homeland.

Official Fatah Facebook page, May 17, 2020


Mother of “Martyr” Amjad Abu Alia: Only the Jews preoccupied Amjad’s thoughts. He would come [home] and immediately go out to ambush them...  He asked for Martyrdom and received it, praise Allah.

Official PA TV, July 30, 2022


Father of “Martyr” Dirar Al-Kafrini: By Allah, praise Allah Master of the Universe. I expected this [my son’s death]. Praise Allah Master of the Universe, [my son] asked for Martyrdom and got it.... He would tell me: ‘‘Dad, I want to die as a Martyr.’’ ... And I told him: ‘‘My son, Allah willing, may Allah designate you [for Martyrdom].’’

Facebook page of the Fatah Commission of Information and Culture, Aug. 2, 2022


Father of “Martyr” Bara Lahlouh: He told me: “Dad, that’s it, I have chosen my path: the path of dying as a Martyr.’’ I told him: ‘‘Son, whatever you want.” ... I’m not sorry, he is a Martyr... I am proud, praised be Allah, the Master of the Universe.

Al-Jazeera website, June 17, 2022


Father of “Martyr” Muhammad Mar’i: My son died as a Martyr, and Allah be praised that he died as a Martyr. I am proud of his Martyrdom-death.

Official PA TV, June 29, 2022


Brother of “Martyr” Kamel Alawneh: He always tried to imitate his brother the Martyr, and always said: “I want to die as a Martyr.”

Official PA TV, July 3, 2022


Released terrorist prisoner Hani Ghannam: My nephew is a Martyr... My sister was a Martyr before him... My grandfather was a Martyr before her... I salute them and hope to be like them.

Official PA TV, July 6, 2022


Crowd chants of wish for Martyrdom at funeral of a “Martyr”:





Leader: Mother of the Martyr, what joy you have merited

Crowd: Mother of the Martyr, what joy you have merited

Leader: If only my mother was in your place

Crowd: If only my mother was in your place.

Official PA TV, April 30, 2022