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PA official Nabil Shaath: The Palestinian leadership initiated the armed struggle, PA is determined to apply for statehood, despite "international threats"

Headline: “In spite of international threats and pressure that the PA is contending with – Shaath declares that the leadership is determined to apply to the UN, and the price will not be taken into account”
“In spite of international threats and pressure on the PA to dissuade it from applying to the UN General Assembly for recognition of the Palestinian state as an ‘observer state’ at the UN, the leadership has declared that it will continue with this step. Fatah Central Committee Member and Governor for International Relations Nabil Shaath told WAFA: ‘The price is not being taken into account in the Palestinian leadership’s agenda. Otherwise, we would not have initiated the armed struggle. Any nation that confronts its enemy and wants to end an occupation, pays a price.’ He added: ‘But I’m sure that the Arab states will stand with us and support us in this step and in its ramifications.’
Shaath recalled what the Saudi Arabian Kingdom did two weeks after the Al-Aqsa Intifada (i.e., PA terror campaign 2000-2005) broke out, when it transferred half a billion dollars and committed to and transferred an additional half billion dollars from the Gulf states. He declared that if the Israelis dare [to act against the PA] or if the United States does anything stupid to cause the Palestinian leadership and people to pay a price, the Great Arab Nation will not abandon the Palestinian people, [but] will stand by it…
He declared that in spite of its limited capabilities and resources, the Palestinian people is rooted on its land. It will not leave and it will oppose the occupation by various ways and means.”