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“The Zionist narrative” is invented “stories, nonsense, and tales” – Palestinian university lecturer

Official PA TV host: “Falsifying the facts, erasing the landmarks, and attempting to create baseless stories have constituted and still constitute a prominent path for inventing a Zionist narrative regarding the connection to Palestine…”

Modern history lecturer at Al-Quds Open University Nu’man Amr: “The Zionist narrative is an attempt to invent stories, nonsense, and tales. The Zionist movement needs to achieve legitimacy in the region and to market itself as having a connection to the place, time, and people in Palestine. The Zionist movement drew internal legitimacy from all these stories and marketed them abroad to achieve international and regional support, so as to turn the ‘foreigner’ into a ‘native person,’ and the ‘native’ into a ‘foreigner.’”

[Official PA TV, Debunking the Zionist Narrative, Nov. 15, 2022]

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