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Yasser Arafat Institute: “We are convinced of Israel’s responsibility for poisoning Arafat”

Live broadcast of ceremony in Ramallah marking seventh anniversary of Arafat's death, organized by Yasser Arafat Institute. Nasser Al-Qidwa, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Yasser Arafat Institute:
 "Today, we are watching together an obligatory old-new artistic performance, which once again raises a painful question: How did Arafat die as a Shahid (Martyr)? We raise it again because we have not yet received the clear-cut response to which our nation is entitled, and it is our obligation to obtain it. We repeat that we are convinced of Israel's responsibility for poisoning Yasser Arafat, and we acknowledge that we are unable to obtain this clear-cut answer. But we promise to continue to act towards this aim [to find the answer]."