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PA TV shows footage of Arafat glorifying Martyrdom-death and defining the conflict with Israel as religious

PA TV news report about Arafat with background photographs of him with Clinton, Rabin, Barak:
"From Madrid to Oslo and Washington, and what came between them and what followed, culminating at Camp David, Arafat remained true to the [Palestinian] right. And then the negotiations collapsed because of the Israeli arrogance, and the land was set on fire with the Intifada of 2000."
[Recording played of Arafat in his headquarters in Ramallah: They want me a prisoner, expelled, or dead – no! I say to them – A Martyr! A Martyr! A Martyr! And they [Palestinians] are in Ribat until the Day of Judgment. The Shahid (Martyr) [in Jerusalem] is [worth] forty Shahids (elsewhere). Allah, grant us Shahada (Martyrdom death) on the land of Ribat (religious conflict/war), the first direction of prayer, the third most important place after the two mosques in Mecca and Medina."