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Released Israeli-Arab terrorist insults his “racist” Israeli citizenship: “The most hated… No one is sorry [to lose it]”

The TV program visits the reception event held for terrorist Karim Younes, who murdered 1 together with an accomplice, following his release after 40 years from Israeli prison.


Terrorist murderer Karim Younes: “Everyone knows that the Israeli citizenship - and the Israeli passport - is the most hated passport in the world. This is a citizenship that doesn’t venerate the one holding it. It is known that it is a racist citizenship. No one is sorry about [losing] this citizenship. However, we will continue to insist on remaining in our lands, in our homes, on our land, and in our cities and villages. This is what we have learned, and this will always be our goal… We are Palestinians before anything else. The Israeli identity card and Israeli passport were forced upon us. No one is sorry about [losing] the Israeli passport. Let them do whatever they want.”


Terrorist murderer Karim Younes made this statement in response to Israel considering revoking his Israeli citizenship upon his release from prison.


Karim Younes - Israeli Arab terrorist who kidnapped and murdered Israeli soldier Avraham Bromberg in 1980 together with his cousin Maher Younes. Younes was originally sentenced to life in prison, but Israeli President Shimon Peres reduced his sentence in 2012. Younes is serving a 40-year sentence. In May 2017 Younes was appointed by PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas to the Fatah Central Committee. Younes was released from prison on Jan. 5, 2023.


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