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21-year-old instructed father to plant tree on his grave because “tomorrow I will join the Martyrs who died”

Official PA TV News, on the death of terrorist and PA Security Forces member Raed Al-Naasan, who threw a Molotov cocktail at Israeli soldiers


PA Security Forces Brig. Gen. Ghazi Al-Naasan, father of terrorist Raed Al-Naasan: “I was with him an hour before his death as a Martyr and we planted olive trees… He left one of the olive trees. I said to him: “What’s this for?” He told me: “Dad, this tree – tomorrow I’ll join the four Martyrs who died in Beit Rima and the young people who died. They’re the 4 Martyrs and I’m the 5th. Tomorrow plant [it] on my grave.” I said: “For Allah’s sake, stay with me.” He said: “No, dad.” He bid me farewell: “Forgive me, I’m going.” I said: “Where do you want [to go]?” He said: “The town’s people are confronting the [Israeli] army and it’s my duty to join the young people, I will go to confront the army.” …. I accepted that my son wants to die as a Martyr. Praise Allah Master of the Universe my son achieved Martyrdom.”

[Official PA TV News, Nov. 30, 2022]

Raed Al-Naasan – 21-year-old Palestinian terrorist and PA Security Forces member who threw a firebomb at Israeli soldiers while participating in a violent confrontation in Al-Mughayyir, near Ramallah, on Nov. 29, 2022. The soldiers fired in response, killing Al-Naasan.