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Father of "dead teen terrorist": “He wanted to be a Martyr. Praise Allah, he achieved it”

Official PA TV Live  |

Mahmoud Abed, father of dead youth: “Praise Allah, Master of the Universe. A number of times he asked for Martyrdom. Praise Allah, Master of the Universe, he asked for [Martyrdom] and achieved it.”

[Official PA TV News, Jan. 2, 2023]


Fuad Abed – 18-year-old Palestinian terrorist who shot at Israeli soldiers while they were demolishing the houses of terrorists Ahmed Abed and Abd Al-Rahman Abed in Kafr Dan, west of Jenin, on Jan. 2, 2023. The soldiers returned fire, killing Abed. The two terrorists whose houses were demolished murdered Israeli army officer Maj. Bar Falah on Sept. 14, 2022, before being killed during the attack.