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Official PA Daily describes terrorist as the victim

“Yesterday [Jan. 11, 2023] the Israeli occupation forces and the settlers escalated their crimes – murder, arrests, attacks, demolitions of homes and structures, and boasting about murderers. Medical sources announced that two young people, Sanad Muhammad Othman Samamreh (i.e., terrorist, stabbed and wounded 1), 19, from the town of Al-Dhahiriya, and Ahmed Amer Abu Jneid (i.e., terrorist, shot at Israeli soldiers), 21, from the Balata refugee camp, died as Martyrs.

Local sources noted that young Sanad died as a Martyr after being shot by a settler next to the settlement Yehuda Farm…

According to Israeli reports, Sanad was wounded after he stabbed a settler next to Al-Samu’ in [the] Hebron [district]. They noted that the settler was moderately wounded. The occupation forces prevented the rescue teams from reaching the young wounded person…

Extremist [Israeli] Minister [of National Security Itamar] Ben Gvir praised the settler who murdered the Martyr during a phone conversation he held with him, according to a statement by his office. Ben Gvir told the murderer: ‘You are a hero of Israel. On my behalf and on behalf of all the citizens of Israel, I thank you for your courage and your quick response. Without you the event was liable to have ended in a much more serious and severe manner.’”