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PA Daily calls to “liberate the land – the entire land – from the occupation’s filth.”

Headline: “Beirut: The gravestones of Palestine’s Martyrs – stories of glory that were written in pure blood”


“The gravestones of the Palestinian revolution’s Martyrs remain as one of the signs of the Palestinian struggle. They are in the center of the [Lebanese] capital city of Beirut, and tell stories of glory that the Martyrs wrote with their blood on the paths of Palestine… while perfuming the times and places with the fragrance of Martyrdom, which they achieved for the values of life, and foremost among them justice…

On Palestinian Martyrs’ Day there was a meeting of those loyal to the Martyrs’ blood in front of their gravestones. They again promised to continue their path against the Zionist injustice and tyranny, and to liberate the land – the entire land – from the occupation’s filth.