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Fatah official sides with China against Taiwan

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki posted an image on his Facebook page



The image shows an official letter from Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki.


Letter text: “The [Palestinian] National Liberation Movement ‘Fatah’

The Commission for Arab and China Relations

Office of [Fatah] Commissioner [for Arab and China Relations Abbas Zaki]


To the dear and distinguished friend Song Tao

Director of [China’s] Taiwan Affairs Office

My sincerest greetings on the occasion of your appointment as director of the Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party’s (CCP) Taiwan Affairs Office. On behalf of my colleagues, the members of the [Fatah] Central Committee and Fatah’s two councils, the Revolutionary [Council] and Advisory [Council], Iam pleased to send you the most intimate congratulations on the occasion of the new appointment. I am certain that you can uphold this new responsibility, and [certain] of your sure success in achieving its goals for the benefit of your friendly political party. I express the stable and well-rooted position of Fatah in its support for the People’s Republic of China against Taiwan,which we consider an integral part of the united Chinese lands, and we wish you success in your new role, and hope that the special historical relations between our movement and your mighty political party will continue and that these relations will strengthen in service of our two friendly peoples.


With full appreciation

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki

Commissioner for Arab and China Relations”