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Fatah highlights its role in terror against Israel

The Fatah Commission of Information and Culture posted an image and text on its Facebook page



Posted text: “This is Fatah

In 2022 our people sacrificed

225 Martyrs

Fatah sacrificed 123 of them

The number of our heroic prisoners in the occupation’s prisons reached 4,700

The Fatah prisoners are 2,800 prisoners, constituting 60% [of the total]

Those of them who were sentenced to life are 552

Of them, those affiliated with Fatah are 350, constituting 65%

The central poster of Fatah’s Intilaqa (i.e., the anniversary of “the Launch” of Fatah, counted from its first terror attack against Israel)

‘Just like we thwarted the deal of the century (i.e., former US President Donald Trump’s Middle East peace plan) and the annexation plan, we will thwart the new fascists’




The image shows a poster for the 58th anniversary of “the Launch” of Fatah. In the upper left corner is a logo featuring the PA map of “Palestine” that presents all of Israel together with the PA areas as “Palestine.” In the upper right corner are former PLO and PA Chairman Yasser Arafat and PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas. In the middle is the number “58” with pictures of Palestinian terrorist prisoners inside it. Featured prominently at the bottom left of the “5” is terrorist Nasser Abu Hmeid, who was responsible for the murder of 7, and who recently died of cancer in prison. The poster features the same information on the proportion of Fatah terrorists among the dead terrorist “Martyrs,” terrorist prisoners, and terrorist prisoners serving life sentences as was presented in the post.


Intilaqa - "the Launch" refers to the beginning of Fatah on Jan. 1, 1965, when it carried out its first terror attack against Israel, attempting to blow up Israel's National Water Carrier.


The Trump peace plan – US President Donald Trump announced his Israel–Palestinian peace plan "Peace to Prosperity" – commonly known as “the deal of the century” - on Jan. 28, 2020. Main points of the plan: 1- Israeli sovereignty would be applied to the Jordan Valley and all Israeli towns and cities in the West Bank. 2- Jerusalem, including all its holy sites, would remain under Israeli sovereignty with accommodations made to enable access for Palestinians. 3- The remainder of the West Bank, the Gaza Strip, and part of what is currently Israeli land in the Negev, the Galilee, and Jerusalem - creating a territory almost equal in size to the West Bank and Gaza Strip - would form the Palestinian state, with its capital in neighborhoods in East Jerusalem that are outside of Israel's security wall. 4- The Palestinian state would be demilitarized, with Israel responsible for external security and controlling all airspace. 5- All Palestinian prisoners except murderers, and those who attempted or conspired to murder would be released. 6- Palestinians in refugee camps would be absorbed into their host countries and, subject to certain limitations, into the Palestinian state. 7- Before becoming a state, the Palestinians would have to carry out extensive reform of their laws and institutions, including implementing a new governing system; granting its people due process and basic human rights and freedoms; end all incitement to and incentivizing of terror; end all glorification of terror and martyrdom; disarm Hamas; and adopt a culture promoting peace. The goal of the plan is to create a Palestinian state beside Israel, living in peace and security. The implementation would be facilitated through extensive international investment. 


Yasser Arafat – Founder of Fatah and former chairman of the PLO and PA. During the 1960s, 70s and 80s Arafat was behind numerous terror attacks against Israelis. Although he received the Nobel Peace Prize in 1994 together with then Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin and then Israeli Minister of Foreign Affairs Shimon Peres “for their efforts to create peace in the Middle East" after signing the Oslo Accords peace agreement, Arafat launched a 5-year terror campaign - the second Intifada (2000-2005) – in which more than 1,000 Israelis were murdered. Arafat died of an illness in 2004.


Nasser Abu Hmeid - Palestinian terrorist and a commander of the Al-Aqsa Martyrs' Brigades (Fatah's military wing) in Ramallah who was responsible for the murder of 7 Israelis: Eli Cohen in a shooting attack on Route 443 in central Israel on Dec. 21, 2000; Binyamin and Talia Kahane in a drive-by shooting attack near Ofra, north of Jerusalem, on Dec. 31, 2000; Gadi Rejwan in a shooting attack in the Jerusalem neighborhood of Atarot on Feb. 27, 2002; and Yosef Habi, Eli Dahan, and Police Officer Sergeant-Major Salim Barakat in an attack at the Seafood Market and Mifgash Hasteak restaurants in Tel Aviv on March 5, 2002. Abu Hmeid was serving 7 life sentences and an additional 50 years. Abu Hmeid was diagnosed with lung cancer in August 2021 and died of his cancer on Dec. 20, 2022.