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Terrorist who sent others to murder 3 gets BA degree in prison

Official PA TV host: “What characterizes Iyad [Masalmeh] (i.e., terrorist, sent terrorists to murder 3)?”


Brother of terrorist Iyad Masalmeh: “Iyad is a man who loves everyone, helps everyone in prison... He is beloved among the prisoners, everyone loves him. He spends his time studying, and praise Allah he has now completed a bachelor’s degreein social work in prison.”


Host: “This [studying] is also defiance carried out by the prisoners [against the occupation].”

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, Feb. 2, 2023]


Iyad Masalmeh, Mahmoud Masalmeh, Ahmed Masalmeh, and Ali Asafra – Hamas terrorists Iyad and Mahmoud Masalmeh sent and directed Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades (Hamas’ military wing) terrorists Ahmed Masalmeh and Ali Asafra to infiltrate Karmei Tzur near Hebron, where they shot and murdered 3 – off-duty Israeli soldier Eyal Sorek (23), his 9-months pregnant wife Yael Sorek (24), and Israeli reserve soldier Shalom Mordechai (35) – and wounded 5 others on June 8, 2002. Ahmed Masalmeh was shot and killed by Israeli soldiers during the attack, while Asafra escaped and planned to commit another attack before being arrested in late 2002. Iyad and Mahmoud Masalmeh and Asafra are serving 4 life sentences.