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Blaming Israel, ignoring internal issues: Official PA TV about Israeli curricula

Official PA TV program Debunking the Zionist Narrative


Arabic Lecturer at Al-Quds Open University Dr. Abd Al-Raouf Khreiwesh: “We also have joint research on the education [in Israel].”


Official PA TV host: “Is it based on violence?”


Abd Al-Raouf Khreiwesh: “Yes. The supervisors, you will be surprised that the hidden supervisors of the [Israeli] curricula are all [army] officers (sic., the Israeli Ministry of Education sets the Israeli curriculum, not army officers).”


Host: “And rabbis.”


Abd Al-Raouf Khreiwesh: “Yes, and officers, in other words, officers who served in the army – when they retire, they go on to plan the method of education and study for them…

They find a number of stones that are written on, they are written on in the Canaanite language, after all what is the Arabic language? It is a Canaanite language (sic., Arabic is not a Canaanite language and the Canaanites were not Arabs), Canaanite writing, which was developed afterwards. The Nabateans developed it and it became the Arabic language and Arabic letters. Therefore, they are contradicting themselves – sometimes they say that the Canaanites are cousins, sometimes they say we are descended from them, and sometimes they describe them as antisemites… The racist literature is now in their curricula. The curricula are now very rich with a process of calling for Jewish nationalism, that the land of Palestine is their land, that they have a historical birthright, and a falsification of facts, and now they are feeding their young people in this way. [Their curricula] are full [of these things], and we have research for the next convention that will convene with Allah’s help.”


Host: “About the education.”


Abd Al-Raouf Khreiwesh: “About the education, and the Israelization of the curricula in Jerusalem.”