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PA daily report on documentary: The Jewish Temple was built on Mount Gerizim, not in Jerusalem

"The Department for International Relations and Public Relations at the Arab-American University, in cooperation with the Samaritan Legend Association, held an introductory symposium and showed a documentary film about the Samaritan community… The head of the Legend Association, Yaaqoub Hakohen, presented a brief review of the Samaritan community, its history, and the fundamental principles of its religion. He noted that the community's religious law is the true Torah, which was not falsified by the Jews. He said that [the community's] language is ancient Hebrew, and added that Mount Gerizim, in Nablus, is a sacred mountain for the community, and that the Temple was built upon it thousands of years ago, contrary to the Israeli claim that it was in Jerusalem. He emphasized that the reasons for the interest that the Israelis show in Jerusalem, and for the excavations which they carry out all over the Old City and alongside the Dome of the Rock, are political, and have nothing to do with religion."