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PA minister warns against association with Jewish "propagators of evil" who pursue "Satanic aims"

Official PA TV broadcast the Friday ‎sermon from the Al-Tashrifat Mosque ‎in the presidential compound in ‎Ramallah. The sermon was delivered ‎by PA Minister of Religious Affairs ‎Mahmoud Al-Habbash, in the ‎presence of PA Chairman Mahmoud ‎Abbas and Fatah Central Committee ‎member Abbas Zaki.‎

Minister of Religious Affairs ‎Mahmoud Al-Habbash: "The problem ‎with most people is that they read [the ‎Quran] but don't understand; and if ‎they understand, they don't act, and if ‎they act, they don't devote ‎themselves…‎

There are three verses on the same ‎topic in Sura Al-Imran:‎
a.‎ ‎‘O ye who believe! If ye listen to ‎a faction among the People of ‎the Book, they would (indeed) ‎render you apostates after ye ‎have believed! ‘ [Quran, Sura ‎‎3:100, Yusuf Ali translation]‎
b.‎ ‎‘O ye who believe! Take not ‎into your intimacy those ‎outside your ranks: they will not ‎fail to corrupt you. They only ‎desire your ruin: Rank hatred ‎has already appeared from ‎their mouths: what their hearts ‎conceal is far worse. We have ‎made plain to you the Signs, if ‎ye have wisdom.’ [Quran, Sura ‎‎3:118, Yusuf Ali translation]‎
c.‎ ‎‘O ye who believe! If ye obey ‎the Unbelievers, they will drive ‎you back on your heels, and ye ‎will turn back (from Faith) to ‎your own loss. ‘ [Quran, Sura ‎‎3:149, Yusuf Ali translation]‎

These three verses address the same ‎topic: alertness and wariness of ‎enemies and interested parties with ‎an agenda, who seek not the good of ‎the [Muslim] nation, but seek to ‎destroy it. Take note: ‘O ye who ‎believe! If ye listen to a faction among ‎the People of the Book’ – who use the ‎Book as a tool to achieve their earthly ‎and Satanic aims. Those whom it is ‎unfit for you to heed, obey, hearken ‎to, extend your hand in friendship to. ‎These are your enemies. ‎
The Quran warns you, Allah ‎commands you, to be wary of their ‎interests, of their claims. ‘If ye listen to ‎a faction among the People of the ‎Book' – these are the propagators of ‎evil…‎
As Muslims, we have no absolute and ‎comprehensive position concerning ‎the People of the Book. We are ‎commanded to treat them well, to care ‎for them, to protect them, to refrain ‎from harming them in their religion, ‎from harming their places of worship – ‎their synagogues and their churches. ‎Nonetheless, the Quran warns about ‎‎‘a faction among the People of the ‎Book’ who seek not your good, and ‎exert themselves and act accordingly. ‎Do not listen to them. Do not pay ‎attention to them; do not befriend ‎them. Do not obey them in anything, ‎for they seek your ruin. ‎
Concerning the second group of the ‎People of the Book, it is written, ‘Take ‎not into your intimacy those outside ‎your ranks: they will not fail to corrupt ‎you.’”‎

Note:‎ According to Uri Rubin, Professor ‎Emeritus of Arabic and Islamic studies ‎at Tel-Aviv University, the first verse ‎alludes to Jews who sought to make ‎the Muslims abandon their faith in ‎Muhammad; the second refers to ‎hypocrites or Jews with whom the ‎Muslims in Medina maintained bonds ‎of friendship and alliance.‎