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PA TV: “The Israeli enemy understands only the language of force”

PA TV program Palestine This Morning interviews Naim Murar, active in the popular resistance. Murar notes his disappointment that the rate of participation in popular resistance is no more than 1% of the population.
PA TV host:
"Can we say that the Palestinian people, or the Palestinian citizen, doesn't believe in the benefit of popular resistance? In other words, we saw the captive exchange deal, and how the kidnapping of the soldier Gilat Shalit raised Hamas' prestige in this area, while the popular resistance has not succeeded, thus far, in gathering this number [of supporters] or this great support, although eight years have passed since it began."
Murar: "First of all, there is no disputing that the Israeli enemy understands only the language of force. No disputing that. There are no two Palestinians who are divided over that."