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PA daily spreads libel: Israel is flooding Jerusalem with drugs to destroy Arab youth

Headline: "Israel flooding Jerusalem with drugs and preventing security forces in the city from acting against the phenomenon"
"Palestinian sources skilled in the battle against the spread of drugs in occupied East Jerusalem told Al-Quds Al-Arabi that Israel is flooding the city with all kinds of drugs. The sources emphasized that the occupation authorities, who continue to change the landmarks of Arab and Islamic Jerusalem and to Judaize it, are acting to destroy the Jerusalem youth by flooding the city's markets with drugs… [Coordinator of the social department of the Palestinian NGO the Al-Maqdese for Society Development (MSD), Isam] Jwehan told Al-Quds Al-Arabi that 'Jerusalem is being exposed to an unconventional war in which use is being made of unconventional weapons. Its aim is to empty Jerusalem and to occupy its inhabitants with everything but politics and resisting the occupation. Therefore, drugs are the weapons which the occupation and imperialism are using in order to tighten their fist around the Arab resident of Jerusalem… The Israeli occupation is not interested in fighting drugs in Jerusalem; on the contrary, it is interested in having all the Palestinian residents of Jerusalem becoming its collaborators and selling their real estate in order to buy drugs after they become addicts. That is what the occupation wants."