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Israeli Arab artist rejects being called Israeli, prefers “the Palestinians of the ’48 in the occupied Interior”

Headline: "After being called an 'Israeli artist' – Cedar Zaytun: The Palestinians defend their identity in the face of Arabs and the occupation alike"
"Palestinian artist Cedar Zaytun expressed her annoyance over a report on the American CNN channel, which was quoted on Arab Internet websites, in which she was referred to as an Israeli artist. In a press release Zaytun stated:
'The attack I'm under at present, to the extent of doubt being cast on my national identity, pains and saddens me. The latest [incident] was the report yesterday by the CNN news agency in Arabic concerning my national identity, only because, like hundreds of thousands of Palestinian Arabs who have stood resolute since Palestine was occupied in 1948, I carry - out of necessity and not out of identification – Israeli citizenship, which was forced upon all the Palestinians, who are rooted in the land despite the dictatorship of the thieving occupation… We are witnessing a movement of Arab change, which should have erased some perceptions and discriminatory decisions against us, the Palestinians of '48 in the occupied Interior.' The press release raised the question, 'Is this the Arab support for Palestinian resolve?'"

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