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PA TV reports on Israeli missile defenses without mentioning Hamas missiles

Official PA TV program Reporters in the Field

Official PA TV reporter: “Before the [Israeli] attack on the residential apartment [in Gaza] there was an attack this morning [May 11, 2021] against an apartment or two apartments in an eight-story building, which caused the death as a Martyr of a woman and her disabled son. These Israeli crimes, which we are presenting to the world through the TV cameras, mean that the occupation is targeting the peaceful people in their homesand in residential areas (sic., Israel uses various means such as calling residents to avoid civilian casualties, whereas Hamas knowingly places its terror infrastructure among civilians)…

Following Israeli consultations, the Israeli occupation army again widely reinforced its forces east of the Gaza Strip, from the north to the south, and it also equipped the Iron Dome system launchers on the borders of the Gaza Strip (refers to Israeli defensive actions following Hamas rocket barrages; see note below -Ed.). Shells were also fired in the eastern areas and in the border areas, and also Israeli war ships have not stopped acting since yesterday [May 10, 2021]…

Likewise Israeli decisions were made yesterday to declare a state of emergency in the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip border, in a circle whose diameter is a distance of 80 kilometers, which also reaches Tel Aviv and areas south of it, and this also means the opening of the [bomb] shelters, a ban on gatherings, a ban on activities, and other Israeli measures in the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip. Aside from this, this morning the closure of the schools in a 40 kilometer range from the Gaza Strip border was announced. These decisions also came as a response to the Palestinian resistance (i.e., Hamas rocket barrages) over everything that is happening in Jerusalem, and the situation of ethnic cleansing and Israeli aggression against the Sheikh Jarrah area (i.e., a neighborhood of Jerusalem). In Jerusalem there was a response from the Gaza Strip, anda response towards the areas adjacent to the Gaza Strip, and also further than this. (i.e., Hamas fired missiles into Israel /Ed.) There are still Israeli threats of expanding the military activity, and the army said that the activity will continue for days and not hours.”

[Official PA TV, Reporters in the Field, May 11, 2021]

Fatah/Hamas Riot and Rocket War 2021

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