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Israel targets Palestinian youth in Jerusalem “by spreading drugs”

"The Association of Youth of the Palestinian Struggle, the youth branch of the Front for the Palestinian Popular Struggle, called to unify the efforts of the youth institutions and the civic social organizations active in Jerusalem in order to consolidate a program for national mobilization and a plan of action for the youth sector, specifically school students, in order to deal with the dangerous phenomena affecting the youth of Jerusalem. The Association added that the occupation government and its various security forces are targeting the youth of Jerusalem, by spreading drugs and hallucinatory pills which harm the brain and cause negative behavior… The Association said that the spread of these negative phenomena is now a national concern and a serious problem that threatens society as a whole, because its aim is to destroy the health of the youth, their intellectual power and level of thinking, their culture and creativity."

Note: The organization Front for the Palestinian Popular Struggle is funded by different UN organizations, the EU, the Spanish government, Swedish Save the Children, etc.
They also have nihul takin from the Israel Ministry of Justice.

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