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Fatah threatens Israel they won’t stop terror: For every Martyr, there will be “revenge”


Official PA TV host: “You are one of the examples [of success.] We received [news of] your academic degree in political science [you earned in prison]...


Released prisoner Alaa Buheis:“There are prisoners with advanced degrees, master’s degrees and doctoral degrees. Perhaps it can be said to be a kindness [from Allah] that they were arrested, so that we could complete our university studies with them, as they serve as teachers in [Al-Quds] University – Abu Dis, Al-Quds Open University, or University of Palestine in Gaza. We benefited from their presence, and they helped us in coordination with their universities outside.They supervised the teaching and the completion of academic degrees, such as bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees.”

[Official PA TV, Giants of Endurance, Feb. 16, 2023]


Alaa Buheis - released prisoner who was imprisoned for 21 years – PMW was unable to determine the nature of his crimes.

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