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Mother of dead teen terrorist: “He wanted this [Martyrdom] “for Allah. For the homeland”

Official PA TV News, on terrorist Muhammad Al-Dabeek, 18, who, together with two other terrorists, shot at an Israeli military post and was killed


Mother of terrorist Muhammad Al-Dabeek: "He used to fight [the Israelis] together with the young people, Allah be praised. May Allah have mercy on him, he wanted this [Martyrdom]. He told me: ‘Mom, consider me a Martyr. Already now I’m telling you, consider me a Martyr. Don’t slap yourself [on the cheek] like the Martyrs’ mothers do, already now I’m telling you.’ I told him: ‘My son, for whom? For whom, sweetie, it’s pointless.’ He told me: ‘Mom, for Allah, for the homeland; I am for Allah.’ Praise Allah, Master of the Universe, he wanted this [Martyrdom] and received it."

[Official PA TV News, March 12, 2023]


Muhammad Raed Naji Al-Dabeek, Uday Othman Rafiq Al-Shami, and Jihad Muhammad Wasfi Al-Shami – Palestinian terrorists and members of the independent terror cell “the Lion’s Den” aged 18, 22, and 24 respectively, who shot at an Israeli military post near Nablus on March 12, 2023. Israeli soldiers stationed at the post returned fire, killing the 3 terrorists. After the three terrorists were killed, the Lion’s Den issued a press release praising them as “Jihad fighters,” “the best of their members,” and “heroes of a series of revenge operations” (i.e., terror attacks).