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PA daily columnist: The US and Israel “conspir[e] against the peoples of the Arab Nation”

Columnist for official PA daily Adel Abd Al-Rahman:
 "Every time there is an internal Palestinian rapprochement to restore national cohesion, the entire Israeli government comes out with statements accusing President Mahmoud Abbas and denouncing the Palestinian move, and threatening to freeze the [transfer of] Palestinian tax revenues and to adopt additional aggressive steps against the Palestinian leadership and nation. The American administration adopts the same hostile positions towards national reconciliation, believing that it 'doesn't serve' the political settlement – as if any political process existed. These hostile positions towards Palestinian reconciliation are being held while the US is holding coordination and cooperation meetings – lately out in the open, whereas in the past it was done secretly – with the international Muslim Brotherhood movement, in order for the latter to assume control of the Arab Spring regimes… in order to prevent the true winds of change from taking power in the Arab countries. The Israeli apartheid state is not far from these developments; it takes part in planning the new American strategy because the American-Israeli strategic alliance is based on mutual integration and assistance between these two sides in conspiring against the peoples of the Arab Nation."

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