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Fatah high official meets with murderer of his own people

Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki posted images and text on his Facebook page

The images show a group of people sitting in a circle. Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki is sitting sixth from the left, while Syrian President Bashar Assad is sitting tenth from the left.

Posted text: “The General Secretariat of the Congress of Arab Parties, which is holding its emergency conference in Damascus, met with [Syrian] President Bashar Assad.

During the meeting a number of topics with an Arab and international aspect were discussed, while President Assad considered the opportunity today [March 19, 2023] fitting for the activity of the parties and the political forces, due to the presence of real and practical models on the ground that have proven the success of the peoples who are being subjected to a siege to resist the siege to which they are being subjected. This is in contradiction of the idea of defeat and concession that the hostile media has worked with great effort to implant and sow in the souls of our Arab people for years. He emphasized that he does not expect that we will have one thought or one approach, but rather that what is important is that we will meet on the final goal.

The members of the secretariat emphasized the urgency of ending the occupation in all the Syrian lands and removing the unjust siege and the one-sided punishments that are being imposed by force on the Syrian people. They emphasized that [these punishments] represent illegitimate procedures and contradict international law, and that they constitute clear proof of the American policy’s violence and arrogance. They considered removing the siege a national mission and an urgent human need, especially after the disaster of the earthquake that the Syrian people is dealing with today.”

[Fatah Central Committee member Abbas Zaki, Facebook page, March 19, 2023]

Abbas Zaki also holds the position as Fatah Commissioner for Arab and China Relations