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“The criminal Zionists will leave as corpses to hell” says Fatah official

Fatah Jenin Secretary Ata Abu Rmeileh: “Just as all the invaders have left the land of Palestine, so too the criminal Zionists will leave as corpses to hell, Allah willing, and as quickly as possible.”

[Official PA TV, March 16, 2023]


Abu Rmeileh made this statement during a special broadcast on the deaths of terroristsNidal Hazem, Yusuf Shreim, Luay Al-Saghir, and Omar Al-Awawdeh – Palestinian terrorists aged 28, 29, 37, and 16 respectively, who were killed during an Israeli counter-terror operation in Jenin on March 16, 2023. The operation targeted Hazem, a member of Islamic Jihad, and Shreim, a member of Hamas, who were involved in several terror attacks. Al-Saghir attempted to attack the Israeli forces with a crowbar, at which they shot and killed him in self-defense, while Al-Awawdeh participated in violent riots against the forces.