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The UN Partition Plan resolution allowed the “Zionist gangs” to “embark on a war of annihilation” against Palestinians

Headline: "Nov. 29, a test of the sincerity of international solidarity with the Palestinian people"
Sub-headline: “Partition Plan Resolution was opportunity for war of annihilation which the Zionist gangs launched”
"The fact that in 1977 the [UN] General Assembly declared Nov. 29 every year as an international day of solidarity with the Palestinian people is recognition on its [UN’s] part of its responsibility for the results of publicizing the Partition [Plan] Resolution, and was meant to emphasize that the Palestinian problem remains unsolved, since this was the same date on which the General Assembly passed Resolution 181, in 1947, known as the Partition [Plan] Resolution. In addition, [this constitutes the] recognition by most of the UN member states of their direct responsibility for the annihilation of Palestine during 1947-1948 and for the ongoing crisis of the Palestinian people …
The facts and the events which took place in the wake of the [Partition Plan] resolution show that the Israeli colonialist plans treated the publication of the Partition [Plan] Resolution as the beginning of their seizure of all of Palestine. It represented a good opportunity to embark on a war of annihilation and ethnic cleansing, which the Zionist gangs carried out, leading to the Palestinian Nakba (“Catastrophe”, term used by Palestinians about the establishment of Israel) in 1948. Through force and intimidation they expelled [the inhabitants], seized the property of about 80% of the Palestinian inhabitants, and declared the establishment of the State of Israel on 78% of the land of Palestine."