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PA TV guest: “There is no enmity in Islamic and Christian thought [just] because you ‎are a Jew”‎

PA TV program Together for Palestine interviews from Amman Ahmad Nijm, former ‎president of the Return Club in Zarqa (Jordan).‎
Nijm: "We aren't against the Jews in principle. Judaism is a religion like Christianity and ‎like Islam. On the contrary – our forefathers were partners with the Jews in the land, up to ‎the time of the Ottoman Empire. Likewise, there is no enmity in Islamic thought and in ‎Christian thought [just] because you are a Jew. We also have Jews in Tunisia and in ‎Morocco and in Iraq."‎
PA TV host: "They're part of the nation [amongst whom they're living]."‎
Nijm: "Part of their nation. And at this opportunity, when the Arab Initiative was presented, ‎I was one of the people who wrote on this topic, and I said: Just as there is a right of return ‎for the Palestinian people, to return with [full] citizenship to their land, in complete ‎freedom, in equality, and in liberation, so there is a right of return for the Jews of Iraq and ‎Libya and Tunisia, so they can live in a democratic society and live in their country. These ‎‎[Jews] – the Zionist movement tricked them and told them 'the promised land' – this lie."‎