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Man gets monetary prize answering that Israeli city of Be’er Sheva is “in Palestine” in PA TV quiz

Official PA TV host: “Our question is about the geography of Palestine: What is the southernmost city in Palestine? Shall we give you options?

Man: Yes, please

Host: Be’er Sheva or Ashkelon (i.e., both Israeli cities)?

Man: “Be’er Sheva.”

Host: “Are you sure? Final answer?”

Man: “Allah willing.”

Host: “Certainly, right answer. Be’er Sheva is the southernmost city in Palestine. You have won a monetary prize from us, a gift of the PLO Department of Refugee [Affairs].” 
[Official PA TV, From the Refugee Camp, March 26, 2023]

Having answered correctly the man receives an envelope from the host. Right answers in the quizzes on the program From the Refugee Camp are usually awarded with 20 Jordanian dinars, approx. $28.