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Clarification re: Even the Nazis didn’t pay a reward for murdering Jews

Maurice Hirsch, Adv.  |

We sincerely apologize that the headline of yesterday’s report was not sufficiently clear and exact. Many of our readers have pointed out that PMW’s headline yesterday - Even the Nazis didn’t pay a reward for murdering Jews - was imprecise and requires clarification.

Certainly, during the Holocaust the Nazis did indeed pay rewards of various kinds for the murder or even tracking down of Jews. However, our intention was to highlight the singular methodical nature of the Palestinian Authority’s terror reward policy, which is also entrenched in PA law.

The Nazis did not adopt a law or practice guaranteeing a lifetime payment to any person who murdered a Jew or to the families of those who murdered a Jew, if the murderer died while murdering/trying to murder Jews.

In contrast, in 2004, the PA legislated the Law of Prisoners and Released Prisoners. This law guarantees a monthly salary to every Palestinian terrorist, including murderers, arrested by Israel. The salary is paid to all terrorists, irrespective of the terrorist’s terror-group affiliation and rises with time spent in prison. Murderers sentenced to life in prison receive the PA salary for their entire life. Released terrorists - including the murderers - continue receiving a payment from the PA, commensurate to their time in prison.

Alongside the payments to the terrorist prisoners and released terrorists, the PA also entirely funds the Palestine Liberation Organization’s Institute for the Martyrs, which guarantees a lifelong payment, inter alia, to the families of terrorists who died while murdering/trying to murder Jews, such as suicide bombers.

The high lifetime financial rewards passed into law by the PA and called a “monthly salary”, is in a class by itself.